Perfect green and healthy grass is shown along with a blossoming tree.
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Perfect green and healthy grass is shown along with a blossoming tree.Now is the time to use the cold weather to your advantage. This is the perfect time to start to prep for your spring lawn care regimen here in Surrey, BC.

Right now you can get started on any upgrading plans you have for your landscaping. One of the most obvious lawn care tips is choosing the right grass type which always makes your gardens look even better.

Pros and Cons Of Grass Types

Perennial Ryegrass

This type of grass has a subtle to mediocre leaf texture and an average shoot density. This spells out that perennial ryegrass does well in various types of soil but ultimately it prefers moist and fertile soil. Rye has the ability to establish itself quickly as well but of the 3 types of grass, this one is the slowest to recover from damage. It will grow well in mild temps but does not like the hot sun. We would rate this grass type as a medium to a high level of maintenance required to keep it healthy.


This type of grass has a rough to average leaf texture and moderate shoot density. What does this mean? It has the capacity to survive and in many cases thrive in many different soil types. Another perk to this type of grass is that it doesn’t take long to establish itself. And like many homeowners notice, it has great wear resistance as well as hot weather tolerance. The last and biggest point is that it is fairly low maintenance in order to keep it healthy.


This type of grass has more of a fine to medium leaf texture and a higher shoot density than the fescue type. This means that Bermuda grass can thrive in various types of soil but unlike the previous grass type, it does better in soil that is fertile. Similarly to the above, it tends to establish quickly and can come back quickly from any sort of damage. It too can handle the hot sun but doesn’t like the colder temps. If we are measuring this grass type versus the others, this one requires more maintenance in order to stay healthy.

This Is Only The Beginning

Of course, selecting the right grass type for your yard is the first step. The second step is ensuring you have the ability to properly take care of the lawn. There are numerous spring lawn maintenance services you should do to get it prepped for the season. Your lawn mowing should also be on point in that you switch up the direction you mow the grass each time and keep the blades sharp. Whether you’re looking to improve your lawn with a type of grass we’ve listed here or you’re looking for Surrey lawn care services, contact us at 604-313-9990 for all your gardening and lawn service needs.