Green door enveloped by healthy ivy.
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Green door enveloped by healthy ivy.Elements Of Landscape Design

A gardener worth their weight in gold will know a well-designed residential landscape when they see it. Believe it or not, it’s actually relatively easy to learn how to apply professional garden design principles to your own yard.

Fantastic gardens in South Surrey, Langley, White Rock, or wherever you may live have some common characteristics.

  • Symmetry
  • Perspective
  • Great Use Of Color
  • The Right Plants

Once you pick up our landscape maintenance language you really can copy expert concepts and create your very own garden oasis.

Garden Balance & Symmetry

Gardens need to have balance and symmetry. Multiple colors that don’t work well together, plants that don’t work, and numerous garden gnomes can make your visitors want to run the other way.

Remember, it’s about ‘balance’.

If you have a symmetrical home then more than likely a symmetrical garden may be the right choice for you. You can achieve the balance you are looking for by making one garden mirror the other.

Asymmetrical, on the other hand, also benefit from going after balance. You can accomplish this by informally coordinating the elements of color, plant textures, size, etc.

Let us explain an asymmetrical garden in a bit more in detail.

You could plant dozens of colorful, small, fine-textured plants on one side of your backyard and then balance that out with a few larger, coarse-textured plants on the other side. Makes sense right?

We could go further still towards balancing this garden maintenance by adding plants ensuring that some are colorful in that they catch the eye more.

Landscape Scale

Here in Surrey, British Columbia, which is our where our head office is, seasons affect gardening. Any BC resident knows this. As a result, as the seasons change so do the containers, the garden art, and of course, the plants.

Truthfully, the scale rarely changes for most gardens. So you have to work with what you have.

The point that really makes sense to our clients when it comes to scale is asking them to imagine a small picture on a big wall. There’s just something about that scale that is off. In like manner, a big picture on a small wall also doesn’t work visually.

Work With The Garden You Have

When it comes to the scale of your garden work with what you have. If you have a large mansion, then large trees and numerous shrubs with a nice expanse of green, healthy lawn is likely the best fit.

On the other end, like many of the wonderfully unique homes we service, bunches of perennials and smaller shrubs and trees work with the scale of the residence.

If you need lawn mowing in White Rock or landscape maintenance in Surrey, let us know and request a quote.

Happy gardening.

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