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Snow removal and salting services in Surrey, BC.
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Commercial Snow Removal & Salt Services In Surrey and White Rock, BC

The fact is, looking after your property when the snow is flying is a priority that cannot be overlooked. Whether you intend on keeping your property picture-perfect with all the snow removed and road salt put down or you simply want the snow to be cleared, our technicians can help you.

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Full-Service Snow Plowing & Salt Service

It doesn’t matter how small or how big your property is, you need it clear of snow and salted as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of the staff and customers. You can count on us to ensure that it is properly and professionally maintained.

As a full-service snow and ice maintenance company with more than 31+ years of experience, the Liberty Maintenance Team loves to maintain properties of all shapes and sizes in North & South Surrey, and White Rock, British Columbia.

Snow plowing contractor in Surrey.


Liberty Lawn Maintenance provides exceptional, high-quality snow removal and salting services to ensure that our customer’s properties are safe and secure. Our snow experts are well-trained and equipped to battle winter storms.

We pride ourselves on using the right snow equipment, tools, and salting materials for every job. Whether it is an ATV, bobcat, or front-end loader with a snow pusher, or hand shovels, we implement a customized site plan for you.

Salting and ice management.


All of our snow-clearing equipment has unique features designed specifically to save time and effort, while at the same time ensuring they’ll stand up to anything winter throws at us. Our speed and efficiency are vital to you and we know that being prepared is more than half of the battle.

That is why we utilize multiple technological sources of weather information. With advancements in radar, satellites, and computers, we have the capability to forecast snowfalls.


For snow removal services and salting you can count on us in South Surrey, North Surrey, Langley, White Rock, and nearby areas, contact Liberty Lawn Maintenance today at 1-604-313-9990.

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Why People are Choosing us for Clearing Snow & Ice Management

We can’t say enough good things about this snow removal company! They have never been late and their work is consistently top-notch – they are truly the best we’ve ever worked with!”

“When it comes to reliability, punctuality, trust, and professionalism, this company is second-to-none. I have never encountered any problems with them in the years that I’ve been a customer – they always deliver outstanding service.”

“Liberty exemplified professionalism when we requested their services at the last minute to clear snow from our retail locations. Their prices were competitive and they offered expeditious service – thank you, Liberty!”


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