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Liberty Lawn Maintenance is North & South Surrey’s best local groundskeeping service provider. We’re here to help your lawn & garden look their best!

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The bottom line is that we endeavor to see to it that you receive top-rated quality in terms of lawn care and garden services in order to earn your continued loyalty. We create a safe and quality work environment that allows our experienced lawn maintenance staff to adhere to industry standards and best practices.

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We’re Landscapers

It started way back in 1988. What first began as an afternoon chore for the founder turned into a booming and thriving landscape business in his hometown of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

A few neighbors passed by and asked if their lawns could be cut too. The rest is history.

From humble beginnings of earning an allowance to a solid local lawn service business with a focus to create a household brand.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Liberty Lawn Maintenance is to provide our customers with a healthy, beautiful green space that enhances their investment and their lifestyle.

We want to be one of the best grounds maintenance companies serving North & South Surrey, and White Rock.

At Liberty, we strive to set an example of lawn and landscape maintenance leadership and responsibility – not just in our industry, but for all service industries.

Our Simple Guarantee

Our goal is that we want you to love your lawn, garden, yard, and home. We take pride in the knowledge and gardening techniques that our lawn service experts bring to your yard care.

If any one of our landscape maintenance services does not achieve satisfactory results, simply tell us.

We’ll either return and redo that service at no additional charge or issue you a refund.


Popular Questions

Here are our answers to some popular questions.

Liberty Lawn Maintenance is a local 100% Canadian family-owned and operated landscape contractor company. Our service experts know the requirements and environmental conditions in the Lower Mainland and will leverage that knowledge to create successful services you can enjoy.

Whatever service you request from us is designed to deliver on its promises. You should observe improved results in your lawn and garden. Your shrubs and trees should look neat and manicured. Your property and stonework should have curb appeal. And if you requested winter services, your parking lots, roads, driveways, and walkways should be clear and safe to travel on foot or by vehicle.

Liberty Lawn Maintenance guarantees our services.* If any of our lawn care & gardening services fail to achieve results that are satisfactory, just let us know. We will either come back and redo/touch up the service at no extra charge or we will refund the cost of your previous service.

Healthy lawns are good for the environment because they help cleanse the water and air. Regular grass-cutting will help maintain both the appearance and the health of your lawn. In general, the more often you cut your lawn, the better, believe it or not. Removing bugs and weeds from your turf will help improve overall health as well. If your grass is not in good condition, it may require a superhuman effort to restore it. Keep in mind that a healthy lawn requires less effort in order for it to be maintained so once it is under control, it’s smooth sailing.

Your lawn and landscaping are more than a place for relaxation and entertainment. It is really an investment that has the ability to raise your property’s value. A property that is well-maintained and has curb appeal could add as much as 15% to the value of your property. That’s worth paying attention to. Selecting a licensed company such as Liberty Lawn Maintenance will give you confidence that your lawn and garden are in good hands. And while LIBERTY takes good care of your yard you can spend your free time relaxing and enjoying life.

Yes and yes. There is very little chance to still be around in this industry for over 3 decades if the inner workings of a local landscape contractor company and the staff are not up to par. You can be confident that the lawn mowing & garden service you receive and our team members who perform those services are skilled in what they do and people of integrity. There is a service area near you that we serve.

Whether you prefer to stick with online options or snail mail, you have an entourage of methods of payment at your disposal. From automatic billing put through on your CC of choice each month to payment by cheque or cash, PayPal, etc. We make it easy to do business with us.

You better believe it. Unless you say otherwise we will either haul away all debris or carefully place your yard waste in organic brown bags/waste bins. Our contractor service is as flexible as you request it to be. We adhere to the bylaws of North & South Surrey, and White Rock, BC.

We use both dry granular and liquid lawn care to create the results you desire in your lawn. Most materials used are granular, though liquids get used in situations where they achieve superior results. The application rates of our lawn care services are controlled and maintained by our proprietary scheduling system.

If for any reason you decide that you want to cancel your residential service, simply contact us. We’ll either do our best to resolve any issues, or send you a refund for any services unrendered without any questions. It’s that simple. We’re not happy unless you are.

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We’ll assess what your property needs and skip what it doesn’t need.

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Accept our quote and we’ll get to work!


Why People are Choosing us for Lawn Care & Groundskeeping

“After contacting three lawn and landscape companies for a quote, Daniel was the only one who responded to us. He provided an affordable gardening estimate that could be scheduled quickly – two days later! We recommend them, and we are delighted to be signed up for their regular maintenance schedule now.”

“Liberty’s team goes above and beyond with every task they take on! I’ve been availing of their services for 3 years now, and my lawn has never looked so vibrant. They have to be the most affordable in town, as well. I recommend anyone looking for gardening to contact this company hands down.

“Working with Liberty was a delight – they provided timely responses and willingly collaborated to ensure that my vision for the project was fulfilled. Their lawn and gardening services are incredibly affordable and they take immense pride in their craftsmanship, making me thrilled every time I arrive home and see our gorgeous landscaping.”


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