surrey-bcLiberty Lawn Maintenance is proud to serve clients in the city of  Surrey, BC, Canada which is a municipality of Metro Vancouver.

It comes in as the second largest city by population after Vancouver.






There are several town centres within Surrey and we do service them all:

  1. South Surrey
  2. North Surrey
  3. Guildford
  4. Fraser Heights
  5. Fleetwood
  6. Whalley/City Centre
  7. Newton
  8. Clayton
  9. Cloverdale

Brief History

The city of Surrey incorporated way back in the year 1879. A large part of the land within the city was previously occupied by aboriginal groups.

As you may or may not have guessed, the name Surrey does have a link back to England.

H.J. Brewer looked across the Fraser River from New Westminster and saw a land that was very similar to his native County of Surrey in England. It was then that the ‘settlement’ was placed on the map and Surrey, BC was recognized (not a city just yet though).

There wasn’t much here at that time other than trees, bogs, and blackberry bushes.

Cloverdale was the first area to receive settlers as well as parts of South Surrey. This first-timers came here mainly to set up shops, farm, fish etc.

It was the opening of a bridge that really created expansion within Surrey. In 1937 the Pattullo Bridge was built and once finished, the doors flung wide open.

After World War II it was the neighbourhoods within North Surrey that really grew and became home for many who worked over the bridge.

The 80’s and 90’s left Surrey booming as people from around the world flocked to live in the city.

Within the next 10 years Surrey, BC is set to be more populated than it’s big brother Vancouver.


Services Provided To Surrey BC