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Liberty Lawn Maintenance Reviews
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Here is just a small list of some of the best-rated landscaping, lawn cutting, and gardening testimonials we’ve gotten over the years. Hear from actual clients as to what you can expect from the local landscape contracting services we provide. We want you to be sure about choosing the top lawn care service provider.


Why People are Choosing us for Lawn Maintenance & Gardening

“Liberty took care of my lawn and gardens for over four years. The only reason I had to stop using them was that I sold my house and moved into a townhouse. I plan to convince my strata that Liberty should take over our maintenance contract. They are the best lawn care company I have ever used, professional, on time and always perfect work. Carolyn Barone South Surrey”

“LIBERTY Lawn Maintenance was recommended to us by a neighbor that was very happy with the service they were receiving. Shortly after contacting them, we were scheduled in for our weekly service and have been extremely satisfied with the work completed at a very competitive price. With on-line billing and email contact for any special requests on our account, we couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend LIBERTY to anyone looking!!”

“This past season was our first with Liberty Lawn Maintenance…and it won’t be our last. They had the best prices, and always did a fantastic job. They were always prompt when responding to any of my inquiries and have set it all up to make it a seamless and easy way to use and contact them. One huge bonus for me is the fact that everything is done online…the quotes, booking, and payment. I highly recommend Liberty.”


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Testimonials From Surrey Clients

“I have been extremely satisfied with the service from LIBERTY this season and will definitely be a returning customer. It was easy to get a quote for our residential property and the weekly service has been top-notch. The yard is left tidy, extra services are easy to request and the online payment system is super convenient.”

“Liberty lawns has been a wonderful company to deal with. I found them online and they were able to help me and clean up our yard. They are always on time and do wonderful work. I have recommended them several times.”

“Lawn mowers were on-time and polite. They actually seemed interested in making sure my lawn looked good for the wedding on the weekend. I highly recommend Liberty Lawn Maintenance to all my friends and family without any hestiation.”


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Surrey Testimonials

“We used Liberty Lawn Maintenance this last season and intend on continuing as they provide great service, easy to contact and great rates!”

“Great job week after week, very professional and quick. We intend to get them for next year and would recommend them.”

“Have used Daniel and his crew to cut our lawn for years and we’ve always been impressed by their professionalism. Not only do they do a great job, but they’re easy to deal with, use online billing, and if any extra services are needed they’re done promptly. I would highly recommend them.”


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More Testimonials

“This was our 6th year with Liberty. We have never had anything but great service from them. They always are prompt and do a great job. Prices and list of services are good. I would recommend Liberty to anyone.”

“I will recommend Liberty to everyone I know! They are very professional, do a great job in a timely manner and do not over charge. I have had a great experience with them so far and plan to use them every spring/summer.”

“Two best investments I ever made was gold in 1974 and Liberty in 2002. Fantastic guys. If you need quality lawn cutting in South Surrey then Liberty is your best investment.”


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More Homeowner Testimonials

“These guys know what they are doing. They are polite, sensible, and actually crack a joke here and there. Most other landscapers are boring and dull.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Liberty Lawn Maintenance has taken all the weight off of our shoulders. They’re lawn mowing is amazing and they are here every week on time.”

“Good job every time they cut my grass. I am happy. Quite happy with Liberty.”


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More Testimonials From Surrey Residents

“You guys are so [censor] reliable. I can count on you to mow my lawn every week. Even in the pouring rain.”

“We are so lucky to have found you guys. We’ve seen one too many unprofessional fly-by-night companies.”

“These guys deliver excellent service. My lawn care is done right and I don’t have to followup with Liberty, ever.”


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Even More Testimonials

“I used these guys for 14 years now. I have seen their business grow and their success.”

“We really appreciate your positive attitude and flexibility to meet our lawn care needs.”

“Dependable. Very pleasing to do business with. My lawn cut looks lovely.”


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Happy Client Testimonials

“It’s not easy to find professional gardening in Delta BC! Glad I found Liberty Lawn.”

“I sure appreciate the lawn maintenance and gardening work you do.”

“You guys do a first-class job. Every season you deliver on what you promise.”


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Surrey, BC Testimonials

“I always look forward to the fast, tidy, and very efficient cutting and trimming of my lawn.”br>

“I would definitely “We’re very satisfied with Liberty services. Speedy. They come on the day they’re supposed to.” Liberty Lawn Maintenance. Great customer service, always on time and affordable. Our yard looked great all season!”

“You returned my call promptly! OMG, what else do I need to say? You are courteous and polite and the work was done right. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know!”


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North & South Surrey Testimonials

“Very nice staff. Don’t need to call to remind them to come to the house.”

“Absolutely recommend Liberty. They deliver and are up front with their mowing and lawn care services and prices. One of the top in BC in my opinion. I’ve been through 3 companies since living in my home for 23 years and I’d say they are number one.”

“This person was outstanding in their attention to detail, worked diligently and efficiently, and completed all tasks as planned. Additionally, communication was flawless.”


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