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Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready To Go

If you’ve looked down lately chances are you’ve noticed your grass is starting to grow and you’ll need to begin regular lawn mowing service. This means that your lawn will soon need mowing and your season of lawn care has begun.

Getting your lawnmower ready will help keep you prepared to get to work when the time is right.

This is a simple lawn care checklist for mower maintenance you ought to consider.

1) Time For a Tuneup

Find your mower’s spark plug and make sure it’s removed. Safety is key when doing any sort of tune-up. Once you are finished working on your mower you can replace the spark plug with a new one.

Air filters are next and it’s best you replace them if it is paper or clean them if it’s foam.

2) Oil Change

Grab a container and locate your mower’s oil drain plug. Let the oil pour into the container making sure you don’t overspill onto the ground – which can damage the environment.

Once empty, be sure to refill using the proper quantity and type of oil for your particular lawn mower. Check your owner’s manual to be certain.

3) Sharpen Those Blades

Keeping your mower blades sharp prevents your machine from shredding the grass. If you shred the grass then it can turn brown despite your best efforts to keep it green. You don’t want to add to the problem.

According to the owner’s manual, remove the blade in order to sharpen it. As long as you don’t see any major damage you can reuse it. If the blade looks like it’s been through a war then it is time to replace it.

While the blade is off, do a quick clean underneath your lawnmower. Keeping this part of your mower clean helps prevent clumping during the mowing season.

Reattach the blade according to the owner’s manual instructions.

4) Wash and Wax

Wash down your lawn mower. This is an important grass cutting service tip. Particularly for White Rock lawn care procedures. Too many people we’ve come across who live in White Rock seem to skip this step for some reason. Use a rag or brush to remove what grass clippings you can see.

Once clean, wax the deck so that it makes it harder for grass to stick to it during the season.

5) Moving Parts

Now it’s time to lubricate all moving parts on your lawn mower. Keeping these parts clean and lubed allows them to last much longer than if you leave them untouched. Follow the instructions to do so in your owner’s manual.

The bottom line is if you look after your lawn mower it will look after you. The better you maintain your machine the better it will mow and work mechanically.

If you’d prefer to hand this work over to someone else then locate a local repair shop in your neighborhood.

Get there early though, because when it’s the mowing season, they’re quite busy.

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