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When you ask a typical homeowner if they want a green and healthy lawn the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Little do people know that your green space is more than just nice-looking and a pleasure to spend time around.

As landscape maintenance experts, we at Liberty Lawn Maintenance have to keep you in the loop. Here are three neat reasons to have a beautiful green lawn.

1. Grass Cleans Your Air

Yes, the blades of grass that make your lawn actually clean the air you breathe. Think about that for a moment. Each individual blade pulls in bad, polluted air and pushes out natural, fresh, and pure oxygen. Imagine all those blades of grass working together to produce clean air for you. We’re sure it puts a smile on your face. 5,000 square feet of natural grass can clean up to 600 pounds of carbon out of the air each year. Not bad at all.

2. Grass Cleans Your Water

The next interesting fact about your lawn is that it actually cuts down pollutants that might have slipped through the soil into groundwater. Your turf also manages excess rainwater too. You see it can redirect it and cause it to spread out. All in all, that equates to reducing the chance of flooding. Your lawn is on a roll now!

3. Grass Eats The Heat

Everyone knows that walking on the pavement in the hot summer sun leaves you feeling like you’re going to melt. However, if you have walked on a lawn in that same level of heat it’s not the same at all. Your grass absorbs heat! So, if you want the perfect place to relax on a hot summer day, find a shady spot on your lawn!

Are you in need of any lawn maintenance help? Whether you need lawn cutting service in North Surrey or gardening in South Surrey, be sure to contact us for a complimentary quote. We’re here to help!

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