Fall cleanup tips.
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Fall cleanup tips.Fall Clean Up Tips You Can Take To The Bank

You can smell it in the air. Fall is just around the corner! For those of us who live in North & South Surrey know full well what that really means. The leaves are going to start falling at an alarming rate. Of course, depending on how many trees you have in your yard, this can potentially be an issue.

What can you do about your fall clean up? Keep reading and let us help you out.

  1. Composting – this is the “green way” of ridding your property of leaves. What you want in order to have good compost is both brown and green ingredients. Using preferably dried leaves, will make a fantastic carbon for composting. For those who want to really do this right, cut or shred the leaves in order to make their compost faster (you’re welcome).
  2. Warm Up Your Plants – fall leaves are actually great for warming up plants and insulating them. Wrap your fragile plants using wire fencing. Then fill in that inner space with dry leaves from your yard. Yes, you can follow this tip for your plants you have in containers.
  3. Mulch – the truth is, as most can guess, dried leaves make a wonderful mulch. The most effective way to get this done is mowing over the leaves and mulching (cut the grass but don’t bag the clippings) them up.  Then spread out the leaf clippings evenly, ensuring that you don’t have thick clumps anywhere on the grass. Thick clumps can damage your lawn.
  4. Have Some Fun – take a little time while working hard to enjoy yourself. Play in the piles and throw them in the air. Enjoy the yard you’re working hard to look after.

Winter Yard Care

Looking after your lawn in preparation for winter is essential. Cleaning and raking up the leaves help your yard look good. Once all the leaves are down and you’ve cleaned them up, it just makes your yard stand out as polished. It’s also great for the plants and grass on your property because it keeps them clear of clutter.

Our landscape gardeners care about properties all throughout Surrey and White Rock. We want to provide first-class garden and lawn service. For more information about our fall clean up service, contact us for a quote.