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A clean, neat and tidy garden is a delight to look at. Contributing to the lawn maintenance of your home, very carefully chosen garden accessories can either add or take away from the “good looks” of your home.

Whether you are a weekend gardening warrior or whether your garden is used to feed your family throughout the year, fanciful and lovely accessories will amplify the enjoyment of the outdoor living space.

Here are the top ten ways to get a great-looking garden.

1) Think About All 5 Senses

A well planned garden with very carefully chosen accessories will be a delight to all five senses. You see the attractive colours in the plants, flowers and accessories. You feel the texture of the earth as well as the crisp vegetables that are picked for culinary enjoyment. You can smell the perfume of the trees and flowers.

Tasting fresh produce from the garden is a bonanza for your taste buds. Ultimately, your sense of hearing is able to pick up the sound of the wind in a set of wind chimes. Wind chimes are decorative and can sound melodic or mournful, tinkling or hearty.

2) Good Ol’ Garden Furniture

Spending a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a flower garden can be done from a rocking chair outside with sturdy and comfortable garden furniture. Chairs, tables, lounges and stools to kick your feet up on are obvious choices for furniture in the garden area.

A grill or BBQ unit located nearby means guests can enjoy the space while grilling fresh produce from the garden. Corn on the cob from the vegetable garden can’t get any fresher.

3) Set Some Boundaries

Fencing for your garden is absolutely necessary to keep unwelcome wildlife from eating your veggies but it also delivers a quiet oasis to appreciate the beauty of your prepared garden. Fencing can be four feet high cedar that blocks traffic noise or it can be another material that is just tall enough to characterize the perimeter of your garden.

4) Utilize Garden Beds

Many gardens would be magnificently accessorized by including carefully chosen raised garden beds. Look at the style of your house and design the garden plots for flowers or some sort of vegetable that enhance the look of the house.

5) Accent Lighting

Take into account accent lighting highlighting your prized oasis. Patio lights can be judiciously used to make your gazebo relaxed for a late evening get together with friends. Mosquito zapper lights get different reviews, since they can be noisy as the insects are incinerated. They also tend to have a harsh brightness that is annoying to some. On the positive side, outlining pathways with small lights prevents stumbles in the twilight.

6) Think In All Directions

Well-planned flower vegetable or even herb gardens don’t have to stay at ground level. If your square footage is limited, cube it by the use of functional and attractive trellises or rails to bring plantings into the air. Surround a tree with vinyl coated wire and bring climbing roses into view.

7) Follow The Path

A prepared garden that has long-term beds can also have interesting and fascinating pathways. Think about using different coloured stones for edging. Try creating pathways that bend and twist according to your planned beds rather than sticking to boring straight lines.

8) Add Some Colour

You can add colour by the plants that you choose or by the containers you pick for spots of colour. Seek out ways to make colour spots show up even better by putting them against contrasting background of other plants, walls or trellises.

9) Add In Containers

If a significant garden is too much to manage in your free time or if you are doing work in limited space, think about establishing your garden in unusual containers. There is a lot more gardening being done even in small, urban spaces. Or, such containers can be simply an appealing accessory to the real garden. Gardening services in Surrey BC are actually quite affordable.

Colourful ceramic pots in large sizes and shapes can be placed randomly amongst the flower beds to hold herbs or a salad or two. An old claw footed bathtub or a little red wagon both make great containers for garden plants.

10) To Gnome Or Not To Gnome

Adding whimsical statuary or ornaments to your garden plots can be fun and useful as well. You’ve seen them all by now. Gnomes, leprechauns and the like can be an adventure to undertake with your child or grandchild. A ceramic frog by a garden pond is a common sight around gardens, but have you ever seen a dragonfly or a small fire breathing dragon? How about a guy carved from a shrub like in the picture for this article? Pick a copper weather vane or a bird house adorned like a magical castle.

If you take the time to plan your garden accessories to appeal to all 5 senses then your garden will be a place where you go to get uplifted.

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