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It really doesn’t matter what type or size of container you choose to use in your garden, the only thing you need to be certain of is that it has a hole in which liquids can drain out from it.

The following is a list of potential materials you can use for containers:

Terra Cotta

This is a very natural-looking and relatively affordable classic container for plants. You will find either Mexican or Italian as the 2 most popular types. You will need to bring these containers indoors during winter to prevent them from cracking.


Wood containers are the perfect choice for an appealing yard and garden theme. Essentially you want to use a type of wood that is resistant to rot. You can choose from cedar, hardwoods, or tropical woods that are resistant to decay.


This is a heavier material to use for containers and as a result tough to move around. There aren’t too many colors to choose from however the intricacies of design range from simple to very complex. The bigger you go in concrete container size the more expensive.

Plastic / Foam

All sizes, shapes, and colors are available to you when it comes to this type of content material. They are very lightweight and resistant to all types of weather.

Glazed Ceramic

These are basically terra-cotta containers that have been glazed. Lots to choose from but very susceptible to chipping.

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