Tips for healthy grass when it's cold outside.
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Tips for healthy grass when it's cold outside.Cold Temperature Lawn Maintenance Tips

Yes, your lawn is alive. Actually, it’s considered an actual living organism. Like most things that are alive, it also goes through cycles.

As many are experiencing, the recent (some would say never-ending) low winter temperatures have been ranging somewhere between below-freezing and several degrees over zero. Being it’s that cold outside, there are some useful landscape maintenance tips to help your poor old lawn out.

Take a look below for our list of gardening & lawn cutting services tips during BC’s winter:

  • Put The Mower Down – It’s freezing outside. Now is not the time to mow. When it’s continually frosty and cold, your grass goes dormant and simply doesn’t grow. No growth means no mowing. If you cut dormant grass you end up damaging it.
  • Add Soil – Now is a great time to add a thick layer of soil to your lawn to protect it and get it ready for spring. The soil helps to confine the heat during the cold temperatures here in Surrey.
  • Be Nice – When your lawn is in dormancy it is susceptible. Do your best to avoid walking on it. That includes your pets and kids. Use walkways rather than your lawn to get around if you can help it.
  • Look At The Water Level – Snow and freezing bring some dangers with them that home owners don’t always think about. The sun is on its way but even after the ice has melted, the moisture it brought with it can linger and create waterlogged conditions. This is a breeding ground for pests and diseases.
  • Look For Pests – Weeds are a pain and during this time of year, strangely enough, they are still around. Yes, you’ll often find that they are tougher than grass, and even in these cold BC conditions, opportunistic weeds try to gain ground in your Surrey lawn while your poor, and frozen grass can’t fight back.

We hope you have fun with these gardening tips and whatever you do, do not hesitate to contact us for any yard care services you have at 1-604-313-9990.

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