(See Pic – example of our lawn sign placed in grass)

We use lawn signs and place them in the grass of our client’s homes because they are likely to attract future prospects. When we add lawn signs to the front of your property our potential prospects are sure to take notice.

As you can see in the above pic, placing the sign in the grass is simple and will not damage your property.

Whether we are advertising a new product or are announcing a special deal, our lawn signs make a statement that our potential prospects can’t miss. We appreciate you allowing us to continue to market to them and in return, offer you special discounts as well.

We use only the best so it will not take away from the curb appeal of your home. Our lawn signs are made from durable, corrugated plastic, letting you be confident that they’ll withstand the elements. There’s nothing worse than a rundown sign sitting in the front of your garden. It reflects badly on your property.

Ultimately, this means we can use signs all year to draw in business, rewarding you, our client, all along the way.

We may use a holiday sign that weathers the cold to welcome potential snow service prospects, or use brightly coloured signs to stand out on other days throughout the year.

The bottom line is that we tell a story with our lawn signs by using bold colours, unique designs, and effective marketing messages.

Sometimes we can even use a row of signs to direct prospects to a special landscape project we have underway at your home.

There are simply numerous ways to use these signs and we offer you the rewards of letting us place them on your lawn.

Custom lawn signs gives our company an edge over the competition. Since these signs are designed specifically for your property, they are sure to blend in with your landscaping.

Plus the added benefit of getting discounts on our services in return is an extra bonus.

Thanks again for choosing Liberty and letting us use a lawn sign on your property.