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Core aeration is one of the most important lawn services you can get done every year.

The roots of your grass need oxygen in order to maintain optimal health. As your soil becomes more and more compacted over time there is little room for air or water to be present.

In a perfect world, your yard’s soil should consist of 50% solids, 25% air and 25% water.

Our core aeration machines remove numerous plugs (see diagram) in your lawn to allow air and water to enter the soil, resulting in softer soil composition.

Lawn aeration can benefit every lawn and chances are that includes yours.

Do You Need Lawn Aeration?

Here are the signs to look for to determine if your lawn is a candidate for aeration:

  • Heavy clay soils
  • Weeds
  • Excessive runoff and puddling
  • Sparse thin lawns
  • Usually a bumpy lawn – this is caused by soil erosion, not dew worms.
  • Newly sodded lawns, especially peat sods can be aerated as soon as they are well rooted: (8-10 weeks).

Aeration is vital to help a lawn to become thicker and healthier, more drought and weed resistant. Core aeration is an excellent way to ensure the health of a lawn, and can be done at any time in Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Our fresh and potent lime application will help to condition your soil by re-balancing its pH level. Essentially, the pH level measures the number of hydrogen ions in the soil.

Soil that has been affected by environmental factors and over-treatment of chemicals (which is common and often overlooked) in the past begins to leach micro-nutrients from the soil which are replaced by hydrogen ions.

This prevents proper usage and absorption of nutrients by the grass root system.

The Benefits Of Core Aeration

  • Helps counteract soil compaction
  • Improves the airflow to and from the grassroots
  • Stimulates the natural breakdown of thatch
  • Aerator tines perform a vertical mowing action which stimulates new grass growth
  • Improves fertilizer absorption and hot/dry stress tolerance
  • Helps your lawn’s level of cushioning and resilience to foot traffic
  • Reduces the chance of or amount of puddling and helps the water flow more effectively in your lawn.

By re-balancing, the pH level in the soil, your lawn’s grassroots will increase their capacity to absorb nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium and break them down more efficiently and effectively.

A healthier, greener, and thicker lawn. (You can request a lawn mowing quote here).

You will find that lawns with a lot of moss are ones in which are often shaded most of the day and/or wet due to bad drainage or slow water evaporation. Moss also thrives in lawns that have inadequate air circulation and/or where the pH level has become more acidic than alkaline. By doing several applications of lime, you can greatly reduce the acidity level in your soil making it an environment that moss will not like to live in.

Liming also plays a part in increasing the activity of micro-organisms in the soil which helps combat and decrease thatch buildup.

How Often Should You Aerate and Lime?

Core aeration and liming should be done minimally in the spring. A second aeration service can be done in the fall. Keep in mind that golf courses can oftentimes aerate up to four times a season.

Who Needs Core Aeration?

  • Numerous lawns in the South Surrey and White Rock, BC areas consist of dense clay which makes it tough for the grass roots to grow and fight through.
  • Lawns that have a lot of thatch build-up are also candidates. Core aeration carried out once or twice a year will break down this thatch for you naturally.
  • Lawns that have gotten compacted because of construction and/or a lot of foot traffic.
  • Lawns have a big population of moss growth which is common here in BC because of the acidic rain.
  • Lawns that do not appear to be as green and healthy as they should be.
  • Lawns that are just not coming back even after you have properly watered and taken the correct steps toward consistent maintenance.

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