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For all of your pet waste disposal needs in Surrey BC, Liberty Lawn Maintenance is here to make life easier for you. With our services available every week, month, or two months, we’ll take care of the scooping and eliminate the hassle from your hands!

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Full-Service Pet Poop Removal In Surrey, BC

Do you love your pet but hate the pet waste they leave behind?

Seize the opportunity to emancipate your backyard and make it yours once more!

We offer weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly pet waste removal services in Surrey BC. With Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s Pet Waste Service, now you can wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business.

Our lawn service technicians are devoted to helping you keep your lawn pristine and hazard-free so that it remains an enjoyable place for both family members and visitors throughout the year. They will take care of any messes left behind by your pet, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s dog waste and pet waste service are offered at an unbeatable price – that costs less than a large pizza! Plus, there are no contracts or commitments to worry about. No more hassles, just the peace of mind that you need for your property.

Pet waste company.


When you choose Liberty Lawn Maintenance for your pooper scooper service, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

Our ironclad satisfaction promise guarantees it.

If there’s ever an issue with the quality of our services, simply let us know and we’ll send out a team to re-clean your yard without charging anything extra.

Removal services.


Liberty Lawn Maintenance offers the same price as a large pizza for our services, and you don’t need to worry about any contracts or obligations.

As an added bonus, we provide discounts if pet owners opt to pay in advance — but if you ever decide that you want to cancel, no problem.

We will give back all your unused scooper service fees right away.

Dog poop pickup.


Put simply, our Surrey dog waste removal service is designed to make your life easy.

Our technicians arrive on-time and ready to work so you don’t need to be at home waiting for them.

Whether you stick around or take off, when you come back your lawn will look perfect!

Fast. Friendly. Efficient.


Your time is precious and you’d rather spend it on more important things than picking up after your pet. This is ‘exactly’ why dogs and other pet owners love Liberty Lawn Maintenance. We turn your valuable time into free time. Finally, you can focus on the things you enjoy most and leave the ‘dirty work’ to us.


Why People are Choosing us for Dog Waste Services

“My backyard was an untamed mess with my trio of furry friends, but Liberty came to rescue. The staff is amazingly pleasant while being incredibly meticulous and detailed in their work – all at a reasonable price!”

“The Liberty Lawn team led by Dan is truly remarkable. They always strive to exceed expectations. Plus, Rufus (my fur baby) loves having them around! On behalf of all of us, we are grateful for everything you do.”

“Working with Liberty Lawn Maintenance is always pleasant, dependable and convenient. I can confidently state that they are a great choice for anyone looking for waste disposal!”


Need help with the Disposal Of Dog & Pet Waste?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pooper scooper companies like ours typically charge per number of visits and per dog or for a bucket pickup service. You can be looking at paying about $10 – $15 or so for one weekly visit with one dog. For more than one dog, add approximately about $2 to $3 per dog per week.

  1. Place the dog poop in a container or a bucket with a lid on it.
  2. You then add digestive enzyme powder or tablets to the bucket.
  3. Water the yard in order to dissolve any remaining dog poop.

Bagging it. The quickest and most utilized way to get rid of a dog waste is to place it inside a plastic bag and either drop the bag in a garbage can or flush the bag’s contents down a toilet.

  1. Baggies & trash are your best bet. Using plastic baggies or biodegradable baggies.
  2. Scoop the poop & trash.
  3. Scoop the poop & flush.
  4. Scoop the poop & bury or compost it

***Always check with Surrey city bylaws regarding up-to-date dog/pet waste disposal best practices.