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We offer weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly scooping services in Langley BC. With Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s Pet and Dog Waste Removal Service, now you can wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business.

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Need help with The Removal Of Dog & Pet Waste?

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Full-Service Pet Poop Removal In Langley, BC

Chances are you love your pet but hate the pet waste and dog waste they leave behind.

Finally, now is the time to finally take control of your backyard again.

By availing of Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s Pet and Dog Waste Removal Service, Langley BC residents can now say goodbye to the messy ordeal of cleaning up after their pets. We offer weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly scooping services based on your needs.

Our garden and lawn maintenance service techs are here to clean up after your pet and make sure your lawn is a safe and clean place for your family and friends to enjoy all year round.

Liberty’s Langley dog waste poop service starts at around the same price as a large pizza and there are absolutely no obligations, no contracts, or commitments.

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Here at Liberty, we stand behind our dog waste removal service for residents of Langley with our ironclad, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service for any reason whatsoever, just contact us immediately and we will happily send our service technicians out to re-clean your yard at no cost to you.

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Liberty’s service starts at around the same price as an entree at a restaurant and there are no obligations, no contracts or commitments.

We’ve even gone the extra mile to offer discounts for pet owners who prefer to pay for service in advance.

Don’t worry… if you need to cancel and stop the lawn service for any reason, no problem. All of your unused scooping services will be promptly refunded to you.

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The bottom line is that we are here to make life easier for you. Whether you are home or not Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s technicians arrive on your scheduled service day and get right to work – you don’t need to hang around and wait at home. One thing you can count on if you do go out is that when you return, your yard will be spotless.

*** Always check with your local Langley pet waste bylaws for the most recent best practices.


Why People are Choosing us Dog Waste Pickup Services

“Noah was so helpful and explained everything to me. He took into consideration my requests when scooping in the backyard. See you next time!”

“Reliable service with a positive attitude towards doing a great dog waste service. Very attentive to providing the best.”

“Our poop scoop provider with Liberty was Noah James. He is a knowledgeable person and has excellent communication with us. We recommend him!”


Need help with the Collection Of Pet & Dog Waste?

Frequently Asked Questions

Langley pooper scooper companies like ours typically charge per number of visits and per dog or for a bucket pickup service. You can be looking at paying about $10 – $15 or so for one weekly visit with one dog. For more than one dog, add approximately about $2 to $3 per dog per week.

  1. Place the dog poop in a container or a bucket with a lid on it.
  2. You then add digestive enzyme powder or tablets to the bucket.
  3. Water the yard in order to dissolve any remaining dog poop.

Bagging it. The quickest and most utilized way to get rid of a dog waste is to place it inside a plastic bag and either drop the bag in a garbage can or flush the bag’s contents down a toilet.

  1. Baggies & trash are your best bet. Using plastic baggies or biodegradable baggies.
  2. Scoop the poop & trash.
  3. Scoop the poop & flush.
  4. Scoop the poop & bury or compost it

***Always check with Langley city bylaws regarding up-to-date dog/pet waste disposal best practices.