White Rock Lawn Mowing Service

A perfectly cut lawn puts a smile on any White Rock homeowner’s face. Straight lines, eye-catching pattern, who wouldn’t let a smile cross their face.

What most don’t know is that mowing properly is the key to a nice looking lawn.


Just deciding to cut the grass because you have 30 minutes to kill on a Sunday afternoon might not be in your best interest if having a green lawn is at the top of your bucket list.

It’s important that you know what type of grass your lawn is made out of, what the ‘truth’ is about the best cut height for your lawn, and everything else there is to proper lawn care.

Despite how simple and easy mowing appears, it’s not that way at all if you want a healthy lawn. Since every White Rock lawn mowing strategy is different, so is the formula to getting everything just right.

So lets deal with the basics for now.

Mower Height

Do you know what the best height is to cut your grass? Your lawn mower should have height settings on it and if it does and you live in White Rock, stick to three inches.

If you cut higher the lawn is too thick next time round.

If you cut too short, the hotter weather can burn your lawn.

Finding the middle of the road is your task.

Mowing Pattern

You must have driven or walked past those lawns that have a nice stripe pattern in them. This is what you want for your lawn.

And you also want to change the pattern up every time you mow.

Mowing in a pattern is not only healthier for the lawn, it also tells you where you’ve cut already.

If you happen to have objects in the middle of the lawn like a fountain or a garden bed, mow around it but maintain that pattern. The pattern should look like you mowed through the object.

Grass Clippings

Keep an eye on your mower bag if you happen to be bagging the grass.

If you let the bag fill up too much then the grass could start clumping and leave a trail behind where you have mowed.

And if you are mulching, make sure you are only cutting 1/3 of the blade off so there is minimal debris being left on the lawn when you’re done.

Yes, this may mean you have to mow weekly or even twice a week.

Mowing Cut Intervals

As mentioned above, weekly is more than likely the cut interval for you if you want a healthy and green lawn.

Stick to mowing when it’s dry. As a commercial company we know how to mow in the rain and it is not easy at all.

If you need help with lawn mowing let us give you a quote. Request one here.