White Rock Lawn Maintenance Services

As any mainstream White Rock landscaping professional will tell you, effective lawn maintenance is a fine art as well as a bit of a science.

To keep your grass in great form there are various overlapping problems you have to deal with and also every choice you make will certainly have a significant impact not simply on the appearance but on the overall health of your grass.


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Lawn Care Basics


Lets face it, at the top of the list of owning your own property is the delight of looking after your own lawn care.

In order to keep your lawn looking it’s best, most homeowners know it’s more than just mowing.

The following is a motley crew of suggestions to get and keep your lawn green and your yard looking good all season.

Define Those Borders

Make sure to edge the garden beds and other areas in your property. Edging keeps the borders of your grass and your plants sharp and pleasing to the eyes.

You’re essentially really defining what is what in your yard.

Clip and trim shrubs and trees as well. This keeps them healthy. And be sure to do it consistently as well not only for health reasons but also because it makes your gardens sparkle.

Time For a Makeover

Another project for you this season could be a makeover of some sort. Perhaps you need a garden shed, or a new deck. Whether it is a small and simple project or a big one, the secret is to make a decision and go for it.

Any investment you make into your yard yields big dividends in return when done right.

Garden Beds

Make sure your garden beds are clear of grass clippings and weeds and fill them up with bark mulch or fresh soil. Keeping the ground moist is excellent for all greenery in those beds.

The Bigger The More Responsibility

For commercial lawn and garden care such as the services we provide, the process is a bit more difficult than for a residential property owner themselves.

The bigger the property the more it can cost to have services rendered.

Beyond the things you can do above we offer mechanical services such as power raking and core aeration. Two things that simply cannot be done as efficiently as when using proper commercial machinery.

Sure, you can rent the machines from such places as Home Depot, but by the time you get there, rent the machine, return home, do the work, and then take the machine back, it’s far easier to just let a lawn care maintenance expert do it.

If you prefer, we can certainly help with your lawn maintenance. Take a look at our services or simply request a complimentary quote here.