lawn-cuttingWhite Rock Lawn Cutting Service

White Rock Resident: If you follow what we say about lawn cutting in the next several paragraphs, you too can be on your way to healthier, greener, and more vibrant lawn.

You no longer have to look at your neighbour’s perfect lawn and garden then dream about some day creating a similar masterpiece.

Stick with us for a few minutes and lets see what we can do to help you get a better lawn.

Set It Higher

Keep your lawn mower cut height higher rather than lower. Everyone wants the golf green look but there’s a whole lot more going on than meets the eye in order to have grass that short and green.

If you try to impress the PGA you will more than likely meet with a burnt lawn and an ever increasing weed population.

We always recommend sticking with removing one third of the grass blade every time you cut. This almost always determines your cut interval which will more than likely be once a week.

Don’t Throw It Away

Rather than follow the masses and dump your grass clippings, hang onto them this year and put them to use.

There’s a lot of nitrogen in those clippings as well as other nutrients.

Start composting your clippings.

If you mulch your lawn and you’re only taking 1/3 of the grass blade off, then leave the clippings on the lawn. They’ll break down and fertilize your grass for you – naturally.

Become a Line Trimming Jedi

Those who do trim the edges of their lawn use what is known in the industry as a line trimmer. Some even call it a weed whacker.

It’s a piece of lawn equipment that uses a nylon plastic cord that spins, whips, and trims the edges of the lawn.

If you want straight vertical trimming along the edges then you will need a manual or power edger for that – if your line trimmer doesn’t come with an interchangeable head.

Watch Your Trees

Line trimmers can do some real damage if not used properly. Keep an eye out when you are trimming around trees and shrubs.

If you find it hard not to clip the trees then make a garden around the base of the tree or wrap the base of the tree with some form of plastic or metal wrap.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Lawn cutting can be tough. Make sure to not overdo it out there. Take a break and get back to work after you’ve rested.

If you need a hand with your White Rock lawn cutting, let us know.