White Rock Grass Cutting Services

Stop for a minute and think about grass cutting. Is there someone in your White Rock neighbourhood that seems to never fail when it comes to their lawn cut?

Ever wondered what their secret is? Did you ever wish your lawn could look like that?

You can master cutting your lawn in White Rock as long as you keep certain things in mind and follow certain guidelines.


That perfect lawn in your neighbourhood is following the right steps to proper lawn care.

What Type Of Grass Do You Have?

If you can answer that question then you’re halfway there. If you cannot, time to find out.

The type of grass you have makes all the difference because it determines a lot of things such as how high you should mow your lawn.

Keeping the cut height right helps your lawn withstand attacks from weather, foot traffic, and weeds to name a few.

If you take a drive through Morgan Creek and feel inspired to cut your lawn short too, you are going to weaken your lawn and encourage weed growth, pests, and more than likely burning.

Don’t be mistaken however, mowing your lawn too high can also prove a disadvantage. Just ask any White Rock gardener and they’ll tell you important this is. You have to pay attention to this lawn care advice.

Long grass not only looks bad it encourages thatch build up which leads to adversely affecting water and nutrient absorption.

Not good.

So, find the middle of the road when it comes to grass height.

Oh, and make sure you are watering properly by using a water gauge on your lawn.


How Often Should You Cut?

Being you live in White Rock you will be mowing weekly.


Remember, you only want to take one third of the grass blade off each cut so mowing often is optimal.

Also, stick to mowing when the weather is dry. A wet lawn is a very difficult lawn to cut. Believe us, we’re professionals, and have no choice, mowing when the grass is wet is tough.

Alternate your cut patterns as well each and every cut.


What Did You Do For Winter?

Your neighbour with the perfect lawn knows this – winterization of your lawn is crucial.

Despite how cold it might be in the colder months of the year, ensuring you applied winter fertilizer and lime is a key component to have your lawn bounce back in spring.

It also helps your lawn handle any power raking and/or core aeration that you get done at that time as well.


The above is simple and not overly deep, we know. But who said lawn mowing and lawn care had to be difficult. Establish the system that works for you and work the system.

All the best.

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