Snow Removal Services Surrey BC

When winter is just around the corner many people start their search for Surrey snow removal services. Truthfully, there are several crucial factors to consider.

With a little extra attention, you’ll discover that there is more to a plowing and salting service than just a nice truck and a smile.




As you know or will soon find out, there are numerous types of contractors out there.

You’ll see one-man shows as well as whole fleets of dedicated winter service staff, and everything in-between.

What you need however, is a person or team of people who are dedicated to snow and ice mitigation that do not have other services they carry out during the winter months.

When the snow falls or the ice forms, you want to know that your property will be looked after as soon as possible – not after your contractor has finished painting/fixing/cleaning another client’s office.

Avoid the mess and choose the best.

Here’s our list of what to look for:

6 Things To Look For When Hiring a Snow Plowing Service In Surrey BC

1) Focus – A company wholly dedicated to winter snow plowing and salting services – anything less and your service WILL BE affected.

2) Contract – you need to see a legally-binding multipage document clearly distinguishing the scope of service work.

3) Insurance – Another important point to investigate when searching for the right snow removal contractor is their level of insurance coverage. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting consumer, adequate levels of proper insurance and WCB coverage are often above the smaller contractor’s financial reach, or general understanding of necessity. The magic number is $5,000,000+ and you want to see a specific “Snow Removal” rider allowing them to perform such services.

4) Pricing – You’re going to see all types of pricing. Watch out for a very “pretty” attractive price up front. This usually means that under the carpet there is a hidden door used by contractors to charge you for some extra services down the road.

5) Access To The Contractor – You don’t want to become another statistic of someone who can’t get ahold of their snow removal contractor. Accessibility is critical. You must be able to reach them.

6) Proper Snow Clearing Equipment – Last and certainly not least, make sure they have proper equipment. A little 2 wheel drive truck is not going to cut it. A well-maintained and operational winter vehicle is essential. Snow plowing vehicles that break down often are going to affect your service.

As you can quickly see, hiring a snow removal service in Surrey BC is not as easy as it may appear. Today, the Lower Mainland is overflowing with one-man shows who figure they’ll “try plowing this season”.

That sort of individual will not be able to provide professional winter services for you.

You need an established snow removal company like Liberty who has been in business since 1988.

Avoid the regret of hiring the wrong contractor and hire a snow plowing and salting company like Liberty today.

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