North & South Surrey Lawn Care Services

weed-controlLooking after your lawn care is a priority for many Surrey residents because it is a blatant reflection of the outside of their property and reflects on those who live there.

Let’s face it, lawn and garden maintenance can be a giant hassle because you can’t just do the work once, it must be consistently looked after.

In order to achieve your ideal yard there are some basic steps to ensure that happens.

Believe it or not, our hope is to help you see that with some effort, you too can have a great-looking yard if you stick to the following lawn care tips and tricks.


Three Lawn Care Tips

There are 3 areas we want you to make a note of to manage when it comes to your lawn.

1) Soil Quality

2) Type of Grass

3) Weed Control


Soil Quality

No matter what we are talking about, nothing grows in soil that has little to no nutrient value. If the soil condition where your lawn is growing isn’t optimal then neither will your lawn care results be worth bragging about.

The richer the soil the greener the lawn. Look after your yard by making certain that the soil carries an adequate level of oxygen to grow grass effectively.

Hold it a second.

This does not mean that you just go out, buy some fertilizer, and then blast your Surrey lawn with it.

Use fertilizer carefully.

Using too much fertilizer can actually harm the soil condition. Make sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer container.

Also, be sure that the soil is not too compacted. Deep core aeration is a highly recommended groundskeeping service that will solve soil compaction problems.


Remember, soil compaction means that water and nutrients are having a hard or impossible time getting to the roots of the grass.

Type of Grass

The type of grass will dictate how often you cut the lawn. How often you cut the lawn is another big step to healthy lawn care.

Keep your grass at the right height when mowing. Only 1/3 of the blade should be cut off each time.

Make sure to keep the blade sharp and don’t let the lawn get too long because it’s not only harder on you to mow tall grass, it’s also hard on the grass plant to have 50%+ of the grass leaf chopped off in one cutting.


When you see brown in your lawn deal with it. It might mean more watering is needed or that you need to apply seed to the area. Repair your lawn as soon as possible and don’t leave it.

Weed Control

Weeds are annoying. Ask any gardening Surrey resident who cares about their lawn and they’ll never run out of descriptive words for these little buggers.

A weed is a plant that grows in your lawn but doesn’t help it in any way and in fact, can harm it.

Weeds also deplete the soil. Removing weeds by the roots is an excellent and simple method to care for a lawn. Notice we said, ‘by the root’.

You might be rolling your eyes at this point but removal at the root level is optimal. And the results speak for themselves.

It is no surprise that most lawn care concerns find weeds on the top of the list.

Final Thoughts On Lawn Care

Ensuring that your soil is rich and fertile, that your grass is properly looked after (which includes proper mowing), and dealing with pesky weeds quickly, should leave you with a lawn that your neighbour’s envy and adds value to your property.

Following these simple and quick tips for easy lawn care will help you reach your goals.

If you’d prefer we tackle your lawn care maintenance please request a quote.