Landscape Maintenance North & South Surrey BC

Chances are you have already looked online and discovered the startling fact that there are way too many landscape maintenance companies to choose from in Surrey, BC.

Finding a company that is a good one is not an easy task.

Most companies are only able to carry out a handful of tasks on your property. That means there is a whole lot they can’t do.

We’re willing to bet that you’d prefer a Surrey landscape maintenance company that can do it all.


The following are five services that ought to be offered by commercial landscape maintenance companies:

5 Lawn Maintenance Services

1)  Lawn Care

Coming in at number one is none other than making sure the company offers lawn care. Whether you’re a home or business owner with a lawn area that needs upkeep, you know that having it look it’s best is a must. Everyone who sees the property at your facility need to come away with an impression that reflects who you are as a residential or business property owner.

2) More Than Mowing

Arriving at second place is the necessity of having a company that can do more than mowing. Arborist skills to handle the hedges, shrubs, and trees on your property is crucial. How clean cut the shrubbery is really reflects the impression a visitor has. Professional hedge trimming plays a part.

3) Watering

Ensuring that every organism on the property is getting water is also a necessary service. And it’s particularly important when it gets hot. The integration or maintenance of an irrigation system is a wall that must be scaled in order for the plants and other greenery on your property to live, thrive, and look good.

4) Landscape Design

Not everything about maintenance has to do with lawns, greenery, and everything organic in between. Making sure the bark mulch, rocks, and other landscaping elements look their best also falls into the hands of expert grounds keepers. It’s their job to make sure everything – alive or not – looks its best.

5) Winter Fun

Landscape maintenance companies are also meant to look after your winter needs. Whether that is preparing your lawn for the harsh winter months, snow removal and salting, or closing up an area on your property that you’ll open again in spring. Every necessary step should be taken by a commercial outfit to look after any winter needs you will have or might have.


As gardeners in Surrey we can certainly handle the services aforementioned.

Truthfully, a really great company can handle several.

When it is all said and done, ultimately, you as a home or business owner would prefer a company that can do it all.

It uses up your time and energy to use more than one landscape maintenance operation. Using one company that can do it all simplifies everything.

You’ve taken the first step to invest into your property and the landscaping, now it’s time to invest in the right maintenance solution as well.

Hire a great company like Liberty by requesting a quote here.