Grass Cutting Service North & South Surrey BC

Surrey residents, if you’re not the best at grass cutting then this is for you. Don’t feel bad if you’re not familiar with how to mow a lawn – we are here to help.

We’re going to honest here.

Grass cutting in Surrey doesn’t take a lot of strength or expertise, and it’s nice knowing you don’t have to rely on someone else to do the job for you. You just need a good mower, some patience and a basic understanding of how to mow a lawn.

Don’t despair, Surrey grass cutting isn’t necessarily difficult.

And the time needed to tackle this chore / workout is only 2-4 hours.


grass cutting south surrey


Surrey Grass Cutting Tips

1) A good rule of thumb is if the lawn is small stick with using a smaller mower. If it’s large then stick to using a bigger mower.

Common sense?

How many times have you seen someone using a mower that was too big for their small lawn or a mower that was too small for their acreage?

Enough said.

2) Although we hesitate to mention this please be sure your machine is in good working order. Inspect the lawnmower as the machine’s manual instructs. You’ll be removing the spark plug first and more than likely inspecting the blade, checking the oil, etc.

3) Take a look at the wheels. What is the setting? Err on the side of leaving the wheels adjusted high. You can always adjust down and cut shorter but you can’t do the opposite very well without inflicting damage to your grass if the lawn is cut too short.

Remember to mow at a height that is recommended for your climate. You can visit this website for starters.

4) This is the step where you walk the yard. You want to make sure that there is nothing on the lawn that could damage the mower. Pick up all loose debris and dispose of it properly. Also be sure to make a note of semi-permanent and permanent objects that need to be avoided.

5) Stick to a nice pattern when it comes to your South Surrey lawn care. As in the video below, you can see nice lawn cut patterns. Change up the pattern every time you mow so that no ruts for in your lawn. Don’t be afraid to sweat. Mowing the lawn is an excellent form of cardio.

6) Mow tire in tire. Every time you mow a stripe and turn around to come back again, make sure to keep your tires in line with the previous pass. Again, look at the above video and you’ll see what we mean by the ‘stripe’ pattern.

7) Once you have completed cutting the grass get out the broom or your blower. Cleanup clippings that fell on walkways and all hard surfaces. This just makes the job you did all the better. Cleanup the mower blades (remove the spark plug first so that the machine can’t start). Lube up any wires or other parts of the mower to prevent rusting.

8) Keep it up and keep it consistent. Mow every week and in the mornings or evenings if you can. Mowing during the day is not ideal. Stick to removing only 1/3 of the grass blade with sharp blades.


Final Thoughts About Grass Cutting In Surrey

Without a doubt the biggest thing that we do when carrying out grass cutting services is to cut safely. Make sure you have all the gear you need to protect yourself and those around you.

Keep your children and pets away while mowing because of projectiles that could shoot out from underneath the mower.

As fun as it might appear to be in your mind, avoid giving rides to kids if you are using a rider or zero turn mower.

Watch for bumps and dips in the lawn. Stick to mowing across a sloped lawn with a push mower rather than straight up and down which can lead to slippage.

On the other hand you can mow up and down on a slope with a rider or zero turn because mowing side to side could cause the machine to tip over.

We said all that to say that stick to mowing your residential yard when the weather is safest to do so. In other words, cut the lawn when it’s dry.

Now go get em’!

If you’d prefer we cut the grass for you just ask us here.