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Gardening Basics SurreyIn this short Surrey gardening article we would like to go over a couple of bottom lines when you are beginning your adventures into vegetable gardening in Surrey BC.

We will also suggest a couple of resources for you to check out in order to continue to learn more.

Here in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, you we do have an adequate climate for vegetables compared to other parts of this nation of Canada.

1) The specific location where you live in Surrey as well as the time of year that you are reading this article, do play an essential part in choosing the veggies you desire to grow.

You need to make sure that there is enough time for your vegetables of choice to take root and grow. Otherwise all the effort you are putting in could be wasted.

It’s no mystery that veggie gardening in Surrey BC is a great pastime that anybody could begin no matter of age.

Also though it is basic, there are a whole lot of things to learn if you desire to take on horticulture seriously. Landscaping South Surrey properties and other such cities, takes some time so be patient.

2. Once you have picked the vegetable(s) you’d like to grow now it’s time to find out the level of quality of the soil in your yard. You need to see to it that the dirt is truly appropriate for the veggie you are attempting to grow.

One way you can do this is by taking a soil sample to a local nursery for analysis.

3. After ensuring the soil is of good to great quality, now it is time to select an ideal place in your yard to grow your vegetables.

The place you select for growing the veggies need to be such that it must not create disruption or hassle for you, your family, or your neighbours.

Seem obvious?

It should be but we’ve come across many plants crawling over neighbour’s fences or making it hard for us to get into a backyard to mow.

The Next Step For Gardening In Surrey

Beyond this very basic article, you can and should additionally get a hold of a couple of excellent publications on vegetable gardening.

You could also review garden websites on this subject where horticulture specialists share their tips, tricks, strategies, and ideas.

Gardening Tips SurreyBefore we go, remember that sunshine gives power to plants to transform carbon dioxide right into sugar which they make use of for meals.

If the veggie plants do not get enough sunshine, they may not provide a return on your investment.

However, veggies like lettuce, which are grown for their leaves, could grow nicely in the shade and also do not require direct sunlight.

When you begin a garden as well as attempt to maintain it, you might run into different problems from time to time.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.


You have to obtain know-how of exactly how to maintain your gardening as well as exactly what actions are required to avoid the plants from harm.

You are sure to make many friends who share your interest in garden maintenance services.


And if you prefer, we’d be happy to help with your Surrey garden maintenance. Request a quote here.