Snow Removal Langley BC

As soon as the fall weather makes an appearance many people and businesses start the epic journey of searching for a snow clearing solution here in Langley, BC, Canada.

Let us be the first, or part of the group, that issues you a warning.

Make sure to have a plan when looking for a company to hire.

There is much more to proper snow clearing and ice mitigation than meets the eye. Hiring the first person to raise their hand to answer your call for help is not suggested.

Decide to take some extra time when searching and you’ll thank us later.


You see, there is a myriad of companies and contractors who would be happy to help you out.

There are one-man shows all the way up to fleets of winter service staff, and of course, everything in-between.

Your focus should be to find a person or team of people who are dedicated to snow and ice mitigation.

You don’t want a company or contractor who has various other jobs to do and snow removal happens to be part of that confusion.

If you do hire someone who does more than offer winter services, you may run into a serious problem – they may not arrive on-site consistently and/or carry out a thorough service due to their overbooked schedule.

You want someone on your property pronto, not get a message that they’ll be there as soon as they finish putting down some flooring or that they’ll get there as soon as they courier some products out-of-town.

Here’s a great motto to stick with – “Avoid the mess and choose the best.”

What does “best” look like for you?

Lets see if we can help identify that for you.

Here’s our list of what to look for in no particular order:

6 Characteristics To Consider When Hiring a Langley Snow Removal Service

1) Pro Snow Clearing Equipment – A service is really reflected in the snow equipment a person uses.  A little 2 wheel drive truck is not going to cut it. A well-maintained and operational piece of winter equipment is essential. Snow plowing vehicles that break down often are going to affect your service.

2) Insurance Coverage – Keep an eye on their insurance coverage when searching for the right snow removal contractor. Sadly, for the unsuspecting consumer, adequate levels of proper insurance and WCB coverage are often above the smaller contractor’s financial reach or general understanding of necessity. You want to see coverage that talks about $5,000,000+ and you want to see a specific “Snow Removal” rider allowing them to perform such services. This is critical.

3) Contract – You want to see a legally-binding multipage document clearly reflecting the scope of the winter service work.

4) Focus – Look for a contractor or landscaping company that is focused and dedicated to winter snow plowing and salting services. Settle for anything less and your service will certainly be affected.

5) Access To The Contractor – If you can’t get ahold of a person what does that tell you? You don’t want to become another statistic of someone who can’t get ahold of their snow removal contractor. You must be able to get in touch with them.

6) Service Pricing – You’ll see prices all over the board, unfortunately. Just be wary when you see a “too good to be true” upfront price. This usually means that there is a trap door coming your way used by contractors to charge you for some extra services around the corner.

We admit that we drew out the obvious conclusion, but as you are no doubt aware now, picking out and hiring a snow clearing and salting service in Langley BC is not the easiest task.

Every season, we see countless contractors and companies who decide to “try” to offer winter services.

That is more than likely not what you want.

You want a professional, established, and credible snow removal company like Liberty which has been in business since 1988.

Look, avoid the regret of hiring the wrong contractor, and hire a snow clearing and salting company like Liberty this season.

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