Langley Lawn Mowing Services

For a lot of Langley BC home owners, trimming the lawn is a straightforward task which necessitates only a little bit of thought, and some good old fashioned hard work in order to get the task done as and when is needed, depending on the season and how often their grass needs cutting.

On a very basic level, yes, these thoughts are true. Mowing the lawn is straightforward, and laborious and is reasonably simple.

But, if we look just beneath the surface of this otherwise seemingly easy job we quickly see that we all should put just a little more planning into how we mow our lawns in your city, how often we mow, the heights we cut at, and to adjusting our lawn mowing for different lawn conditions in our yards.

And once we have this basic planning right, we can then continue to mow our lawns with ease, while improving our overall lawn health.

Langley Lawn Maintenance Made Simple

Having a short cut and manicured style of lawn will call for special maintenance from the Langley lawn owner. The lawn will need to kept in the best of health at all times in order to continue to thrive at these low heights.

An annual lawn care program which includes fertilizing, lime, etc, is vital to keep your turf healthy, vibrant, and green. You will also need a watering regimen which aims to promote a very deep root system to allow the lawn to put up with summer heat and drought conditions here in Langley, British Columbia.

Turf that is cut low are very prone to drying and burning out when you keep your lawn at these low cut heights.

When you have a deep and healthy root system with these short cut lawns that will allow them to thrive in these conditions, and its only.

Lawns cut low are also far less shade tolerant than lawns which are maintained at higher cutting heights, so you should constantly remember to raise your grass cutting height wherever your yard has a shaded area.

For those Langley residents who want short grass and want their lawns kept at low mowing heights listen up.

Your lawn will require more frequent grass cutting service in order to ensure a small and regular amount of clippings are being removed at each mowing.

Otherwise what happens if you don’t mow often enough is the thatch layer will build up and you’ll cut into it, leaving your lawn ‘scalped’.

Langley lawns which are cut and kept at higher heights will be far more shade tolerant for the turf itself, as well as being more shade tolerant for the topsoil and thatch layer just beneath the surface of the sod.

This then results in the lawn staying healthier in the shade, as well as reducing evaporation from the topsoil and thatch layer during the heat of the day.

Lawns cut at higher lawn mowing heights are then far more tolerant of heat stress, and will more rarely suffer any form of sunburn or other heat damage on the hottest days of summer.

Deal With The Thatch

Don’t be surprised by thatch in your lawn. That is normal for the Lower Mainland climate. But, if you notice when stepping on your lawn and even looking at it, that it’s just too bouncy then it’s time to power rake or de-thatch.

Every spring, warm season grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda and St Augustine grasses will benefit greatly from a little moss and thatch removal.

To do this you can rent a machine or simply lower your lawn mowing height so that you cut more deeply into the thatch layer for one or two cuts.

Watch how short you cut or use a machine though so as not to rip up too much of the turf. Otherwise you may need to put down overseed and top dressing.

Power raking or de-thatching should only be done in the spring. Do not remove thatch or moss in the summer, fall or winter.

Change Thing Up Your Grass Cutting In Langley a Little

So far you have seen that the height in which you cut your lawn does play a significant part in the overall health of your lawn. Particularly when it’s hot outside and in the shaded areas of your yard.

If your lawns are not in tip top shape you may need to adjust your lawn mower cut height upward in order to bring your lawn back to a greener and healthier condition.


yard maintenance


If you insist on having a short lawn then you need to make sure you are following proper lawn and tree care strategies to keep your grass at putting-green height or you must raise the mower deck in order to help your lawn bounce back to life and health.

Lowering the height might be your best bet if your longer lawns don’t look neat and tidy as they should after a cut or if there is a continual build up of thatch.

How Often To Mow

The last but certainly not least step to better lawn care practices we must focus on is how often to mow. Mowing frequency is tied directly to the growth rate of your lawn.

Not everyone likes this news because more often than not it means more mowing for the homeowner.

If you want a manicured and tidy cut lawn then this will require cutting more often so as to only ever remove the optimal amount of thatch and green leaf material at each cutting.

For most residents, you want to aim to mow the lawn often enough that you are not removing more than 1/3 of the grass plant each cut.

A yard which is kept too long in between cuts will not only look unattractive and bother your neighbours, but it will also develop far more thatch buildup in between cuttings.

The result that this brings about for you is that when you finally get around to cutting your grass and cleaning your yard you also mow into that brown thatch layer. This creates a lawn which looks horrible.

How often you mow your lawn will always be related to where you live and the type of grass that makes up your lawn. In the end, you want your lawn to be green and supple.

In Summary

Cutting your grass really is a basic and simple process. However, unless there is some thought put into the task, it is also so easy to get wrong and which in turn can produce poor turf health as a result.

If you’re willing to put in some time and come up with a plan of action, you can ensure that your lawn is kept in peak condition with the least amount of effort.

Look, grass cutting matters and that includes how often, when you mow, and the height you cut at too. All these things put together can make your lawn look spectacular.

So get out there and getting mowing!

If you would prefer we mow the lawn simply request a quote.