Lawn Maintenance Langley BC

When it comes to lawn maintenance when you live in Langley, BC, there are a handful of things to consider if you want your property looking it’s best.

We’re happy to provide you with some simple steps to better grounds maintenance. We hope you find these ideas and suggestions useful.

Refuse to let how rather basic these tips are. Make a decision to commit to turning up the dial this season, so to speak, and getting the greenest lawn you’ve ever had.

Langley Lawn Maintenance

Undoubtedly one of the most important parts to a solid lawn maintenance program.

It really is a task that if done right, can make all the difference.

If done wrong, it can do a lot of damage.

With sharp blades, be sure to change up your cut patterns every lawn cut. We said ‘every’ lawn cut. This helps the grass in more ways than one.

Ensure that the cut height stays around 3 inches. Anything shorter and you’re making more problems for yourself than you know.

The length of the grass blade is often the length of the root.

If the root is too short it affects the absorption of water and nutrients and unless you know what you are doing like us, your lawn will have a giant hurdle to overcome on it’s way to becoming green.

Lawn Fertilization

Keeping your lawn properly fed is another key component. Alas, this step is another area where Langley home owners can get it wrong.

Don’t over fertilize your lawn and don’t under fertilize it. Keep things balanced.


By taking a soil sample from your property.

Knowing what the condition of your soil will lead you to apply the right amount of nutrients.

Get this right and you’re miles ahead of your competitive Langley neighbours.

Garden Maintenance

Lets face it, well-kept gardens make a property’s landscape really look nice. The catch is, that it takes a lot of work to keep your gardening up to date. It seems like weeds will grow overnight and can easily get out of control. Garden weeding Langley residents know just how difficult it can be if the weeds are left for too long.

The key is to just get started. Yes, that may seem simple, but it’s true. The journey of a 100 miles begins with one pulled weed.

With some hard work you can catch up on all the garden beds around your home and finally be able to smile when you look at how nice they look.

And once you do finish weeding the garden, make sure to set up a regular maintenance schedule so the weeds don’t get away from you later on, down the road.

Watering and Lawn Care In Langley BC

Making sure your lawn has enough water is one of the biggest steps you can take to a healthy lawn. After all, when there’s a summer drought you can always tell who is watering.


Proper irrigation in Langley is critical so be sure to systematically water your lawn.

The best times of day are from 6-10 AM or 7-9 PM. Essentially, early morning or evening.

Watering during the day is catastrophic and damaging.

Use a water gauge so that you know how much you are watering.

You good to go? Great.

If not, we’re here to help. Request a quote today.