Lawn Cutting Service Langley BC

Keep in mind that lawn cutting is one of the most essential steps to a beautiful green lawn for Langley home owners.


This is fairly obvious since unsuitable mowing can result in a wide range of grass plant related problems. As a result, stick to using optimal lawn mowing techniques.

What’s The Big Deal About Lawn Cutting In Langley?

Before we slip into techniques you can use it is ideal that we first touch on some lawn care basics. Before learning about mowing techniques, it is important to learn the importance of mowing a lawn.

Proper lawnmowing helps the grass to grow nice and thick as well as taking care of certain types of weeds. Keeping your yard trimmed also takes care of certain types of flowers that grow in lawns.

Such flowers consist of allergic pollens and can prove very harmful for the lawn’s growth as well as to those who are allergic to their pollen.

It’s time to take a look at your lawn care habits and make changes where applicable.

Langley Lawn Cutting Tips and Techniques

Proper lawn care allows the grass to grow properly as long as all the essential steps are followed.

The following are some lawn maintenance strategies for a healthy lawn for Langley BC residents:

1) The Right Mower

It is essential to choose the right mower with all the suitable feature you need for your yard. If you have a small yard then get a push mower. If you have a medium size lawn then perhaps opt for a self-proper mower. If your yard is quite large then consider using a rider / zero turn mower.

Ensure that the blades are sharp and the oil is topped up as well. Follow the owners manual instructions.

It may seem silly to mention but an unsuitable mower can cause injury to the operator, the property, and can even lead to pests and lawn disease.

2) Mow When It’s Dry

It is almost always suggested for residential home owners to cut dry grass instead cutting wet grass. It is not impossible to mow when it is raining (we do) but it is challenging and harder for the inexperienced to make the lawn cut look good.

3) Watch The Corners

Stick to mowing the sharp corners at the end. Try and keep nice stripe patterns in the center of the lawn areas, changing up the pattern every cut.

4) Mow Regularly

The regularity of mowing is also a big part when it comes to quality care for your grass. Make it a goal to always mow at regular intervals each time. Weekly during the growing season and every 2 weeks max when growth is slower.


The ideas and strategies you just learned about make sure that you keep your Langley lawn healthy all season.

Mastering the right lawn care strategies leads to the right desired results.

Don’t rush these. Work on these tips all season until you get it right.

The techniques you use to mow your lawn and look after it really are the keys to beautiful green grass.

No, it’s not rocket science but improper care of your lawn and bad lawn cutting service technique almost always lead to bad results for your lawn.

Make this season the best season yet.

If you’d prefer we look after your grass just let us know.