Langley Lawn Care

lawn-careWe’d be exaggerating if we try to sell you on the fact that lawn care is Harvard material.

It’s not.

However, there are a handful of things you can do as someone who lives in Langley so that you have a green lawn.

A healthy and vibrant lawn is not luck, it’s just knowing what to do and when.

We know what you’re thinking. Let’s jump right into fertilizing, mowing, and proper watering, right?


Start with the soil.

If the soil isn’t right then it doesn’t matter. By doing a proper soil test, you will be able to determine exactly what the soil does and does not need in terms of nutrients.

Not bad right?

By doing this one simple step you can save a massive amount of time and money.

Let us explain with a popular example.

Lawn Care Maintenance Tips For Langley Residents

Both you and your neighbours may have put too much phosphorus down on your lawn believing that the green lawn you saw on the bag of fertilizer would become what your lawn looked like.

But, little did you know, the level of phosphorus in your lawn was actually normal, until you added too much for your lawn to absorb.

lawn-care-tipsNow we can slip into proper lawn cutting. If you want a rule of thumb then stick to a 3 inch cut height.

Langley lawn care enthusiasts know that the longer the grass blade, the healthier the lawn.

For the daring, cutting shorter will more than likely cause numerous hurdles towards you realizing your dream of a green lawn.

If you stick with 3 inches this will result in a stronger root system which always equates to a lessened need for fertilizer and water.

But before you go out and mow make sure to look over your mower. Particularly look at the condition of the blade. When is the last time you bought one or had it sharpened?

A dull mower blade rips the lawn rather than cut it. This only hurts your lawn.

Now we move onto spreading fertilizer on your lawn. Remember the example above, not too much, just the right amount.

Here’s a secret. Do a soil test and read the label on the fertilizer bag.

In conclusion Langley property owners, now you know just a little more about proper lawn care maintenance services. Know what type of grass makes up your lawn as each type has different requirements. More than likely it’s a blend.

Of course, you might be feeling that handing this task over to a professional might be a better fit.

We’d be happy to provide a quote. Simply ask us here.