Landscape Maintenance Langley BC

Your Langley landscape maintenance contractor should be a great resource of knowledge, experience, and professional in the way they carry themselves and do the work.

Before you shake hands with the first company you meet wait a second.

Do a bit more due diligence and get at least three quotes on the work you want done so that you can get a better vantage point on the the level of professionalism and commitment each grounds maintenance company offers.

landscape-maintenanceIn making your decision of who to hire in Langley, look for a business that is listed in the YellowPages. Their listing should have a website, phone, pics, and sometimes video.


Because in order to be listed there they have to have paid some money. A landscape company that has invested in a popular form of marketing is not the end all be all, but it is a start.

Look For a Langley Landscape Maintenance Company

Another good place is to help legitimize a possible candidate is to see if they advertise on Google. Again, a lawn and garden company that advertises on this marketing platform is one that is more than likely looking to stick around for a while.

For all it’s worth please do not decide on who to hire based on price. Price is the least of your concern.

In fact, people who want a lower price will attract less than adequate landscape and hedge maintenance contractors.



You also want to be sure they have insurance and are properly covered. Maybe you already currently have a lawn care company working for you.

No problem, but check to be sure they are covered. A little accident can cost you a lot of money.

Another smart way to choose a good landscape contractor is find one that is a registered, tax paying British Columbian business.

Seriously. You would be surprised.

How exactly are you paying your current contractor? Cash? A cheque in their personal name? If so, chances are really good they aren’t exactly paying ‘all’ their taxes and that is robbing our local BC economy.

Experience, honesty, integrity, skills, and a smile go a long way if you find a company with all 5 traits.

It’s amazing how your choice of who to hire can go beyond your property limits and impact Langley, British Columbia, even the country of Canada you live in.

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