Langley Gardening Services

An expert Langley commercial gardener can easily make a garden low maintenance here in Langley, BC, however, there is no such thing as a garden that will not require at least some maintenance.

Think about it.

Even a stone patio will require some maintenance like spraying it off once in a while to keep it clean. There may even be a time here or there were one of the stones chips or breaks and requires replacement.

Remember, where you have a vertical garden or some new urban design, it will require upkeep. There is no zero-effort solution but there are some low-input solutions we’d like to share with you.

Here are some tips for creating your own low-maintenance garden.

1. Get Rid Of The Lawn

Okay, well don’t rid of all of it but lose some lawn area. A lawn requires a lot of TLC. We should know, we have looked after 1000’s of them.  Think about what you could do with this strategy.

2. Choose Garden Plants Wisely

Take a minute or two to decide on what plants to have in your garden. Stick with plants that are, surprise surprise, low maintenance.

3. Be Sure To Mulch

Are we being too subtle here? Use mulch. It saves moisture so the need to water is less. If you insist on using planters then stick with the big ones because they retain water longer. Less watering means less yard maintenance.

4. Go Easy On The Containers

Watch the number of containers you use and like we said above, watch the size too.

5. Watch Where You’re Planting

Know the soil that is in your yard. Then plant the right plants according to your soil type. If you plant the wrong ones, you’ve got an uphill battle on your hands.

6. Soft-Hearted Plants

Stick with the tough plants that can be left out all year. Otherwise, you could be dealing with the ones that need to protect and wrapped, and a list of other responsibilities that make them high maintenance.

7. Live Life On The Hedge

If you can handle it, over time, your hedges will get to full height and require less attention. That means only having to trim once a year rather than several times a year.

Using the above ideas and strategies in your Langley yard, you will in more ways than one reduce your time on maintenance and be able to spend your time doing other things.

Have fun out there.

If you’d like a little commercial gardening help, make sure to request a quote from us.