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2017 Christmas Light Displays – Cloverdale, Surrey, Langley, White Rock

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List updated October 21, 2017 Tis’ the season once again and like many, you are no doubt looking for a list of Christmas displays in and around your neighbourhood. Well, here are just some of the ones worth visiting in Clayton, Cloverdale, Surrey, White Rock and the South Surrey area this Christmas season! Don’t worry, at the bottom of this page we have a map of all the Christmas lights in the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver to go see too. We have gotten this list from numerous resources so enjoy. If you find that there is no display set up this year at an address below, please let us know and we will update the list. Do you want to be added to the list? Just let us know by contacting us here!   Christmas Light Displays Clayton 6598 192A St., Clayton – Lots of smiles are sure to come when you see The Gingerbread House features such as the interactive singing Santas, the North Pole, and more. 6585 193rd St., Clayton – This festive display goes all out to bring you Christmas cheer.  7311 194th St., Clayton – There are many Christmas lights and figures that are animated at this location. Your kids will love it.   Christmas Light Displays Cloverdale 18244 57A Ave., Cloverdale – This location boasts some 15,000 + lights, a nativity scene and more. The creators are collecting Food Bank donations. 16951 Jersey Drive, Cloverdale – Don’t miss Jersey this season. There are 1000+ lights at this home with music and lot of Christmas characters and a Nativity Scene. They are collecting donations for the Variety Club Telethon. 16956 60A Ave., Cloverdale – The Kinna’s are back at it again this season with their Christmas light display. They are accepting donations for the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation. They have their hearts set on helping to raise donations for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 6369 165A St., Cloverdale – The Grigore’s have spared no expense with a whopping 50,000 lights up at their home. You’ll also see an 8-foot and 12-foot Santa Claus (so big some kids think you can see them from space). There are 20 different songs playing and a light show to boot. Drop by between 5 and 11 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and weekends 5 p.m. to midnight. In keeping the Christmas spirit alive, they have also decided to that on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s the show will run all night. 6116 163A Street, Cloverdale – 2000 lights are at the mercy of music at this home. When you tune your radio to 99.5FM you can enjoy show. Donations this season will be going to the Province Empty Stocking Fund. 6319 181A Street, Cloverdale – The Dolmans have held nothing back this year.  30,000+ lights are displayed at their home. They are offering hot chocolate and popcorn for everyone who stops by on the weekend. They have their eyes set on the prize of raising as much money as they can forContinue Reading

Better Lawn, Better Life

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There are more benefits to a healthy lawn than you might think. Keeping your lawn vibrant and green with proper lawn care maintenance helps you have a better life and can save you money.   Adds Value To Your Investment Can decrease your cooling and heating needs believe it or not. Increases the curb appeal of your property Returns approximately 100-200% on your improvement investment Can increase your property value by 11-15% Adds Value To Your Life Creates a peaceful and relaxing outdoor environment Creates a place for fun in the sun Decreases and/or inhibits weeds that cause allergies   It’s true, keeping your lawn healthy can help you have a better life. Visit your local lawn and garden store like Home Depot to get started. Or request a quote from us.  

How To Get Your Lawnmower Ready For Spring

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Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready To Go If you’ve looked down lately chances are you’ve noticed your grass is starting to grow. This means that your lawn will soon need mowing. Getting your lawnmower ready will help keep you prepared to get to work when the time is right. This is a simple checklist for mower maintenance you ought to consider. 1) Time For a Tuneup Find your mower’s spark plug and make sure it’s removed. Safety is key when doing any sort of tune up. Once you are finished working on your mower you can replace the spark plug with a new one. Air filters are next and it’s best you replace it if it is paper or clean it if it’s foam. 2) Oil Change Grab a container and locate your mower’s oil drain plug. Let the oil pour into the container making sure you don’t overspill onto the ground – which can damage the environment. Once empty, be sure to refill using the proper quantity and type of oil for your particular lawn mower. Check your owner’s manual to be certain. 3) Sharpen Those Blades Keeping your mower blades sharp prevent your machine from shredding the grass. If you shred the grass then it can turn brown despite your best efforts to keep it green. You don’t want to add to the problem. According to the owner’s manual, remove the blade in order to sharpen it. As long as you don’t see any major damage you can reuse it. If the blade looks like it’s been through a war then it is time to replace it. While the blade is off, do a quick clean underneath your lawnmower. Keeping this part of your mower clean helps prevent clumping during the mowing season. Reattach the blade according to the owner’s manual instructions. 4) Wash and Wax Wash down your lawn mower. Use a rag or brush to remove what grass clippings you can see. Once clean, wax the deck so that it makes it harder for grass to stick to it during the season. 5) Moving Parts Now it’s time to lubricate all moving parts on your lawn mower. Keeping these parts clean and lubed allows them to last much longer than if you leave them untouched. Follow the instructions to do so in your owner’s manual.   The bottom line is if you look after your lawn mower it will look after you. The better you maintain your machine the better it will mow and work mechanically. If you’d prefer to hand this work over to someone else then locate a local repair shop in your neighbourhood. Get there early though, because when it’s mowing season, they’re quite busy.  

Top 10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

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A clean, neat and tidy garden is a delight to look at. Contributing to the curb appeal of your home, very carefully chosen garden accessories can either add or take away from the “good looks” of your home. Whether you are a weekend gardening warrior or whether your garden is used to feed your family throughout the year, fanciful and lovely accessories will amplify the enjoyment of the outdoor living space. Here are the top ten ways to get a great-looking garden. 1) Think About All 5 Senses A well planned garden with very carefully chosen accessories will be a delight to all five senses. You see the attractive colours in the plants, flowers and accessories. You feel the texture of the earth as well as the crisp vegetables that are picked for culinary enjoyment. You can smell the perfume of the trees and flowers. Tasting fresh produce from the garden is a bonanza for your taste buds. Ultimately, your sense of hearing is able to pick up the sound of the wind in a set of wind chimes. Wind chimes are decorative and can sound melodic or mournful, tinkling or hearty. 2) Good Ol’ Garden Furniture Spending a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a flower garden can be done from a rocking chair outside with sturdy and comfortable garden furniture. Chairs, tables, lounges and stools to kick your feet up on are obvious choices for furniture in the garden area. A grill or BBQ unit located nearby means guests can enjoy the space while grilling fresh produce from the garden. Corn on the cob from the vegetable garden can’t get any fresher. 3) Set Some Boundaries Fencing for your garden is absolutely necessary to keep unwelcome wildlife from eating your veggies but it also delivers a quiet oasis to appreciate the beauty of your prepared garden. Fencing can be four feet high cedar that blocks traffic noise or it can be another material that is just tall enough to characterize the perimeter of your garden. 4) Utilize Garden Beds Many gardens would be magnificently accessorized by including carefully chosen raised garden beds. Look at the style of your house and design the garden plots for flowers or some sort of vegetable that enhance the look of the house. 5) Accent Lighting Take into account accent lighting highlighting your prized oasis. Patio lights can be judiciously used to make your gazebo relaxed for a late evening get together with friends. Mosquito zapper lights get different reviews, since they can be noisy as the insects are incinerated. They also tend to have a harsh brightness that is annoying to some. On the positive side, outlining pathways with small lights prevents stumbles in the twilight. 6) Think In All Directions Well-planned flower vegetable or even herb gardens don’t have to stay at ground level. If your square footage is limited, cube it by the use of functional and attractive trellises or rails to bringContinue Reading

The Benefits Of Garden Sheds

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If we took the time to list the numerous benefits of a garden shed we could be here a while. They add a certain charm to your yard and a great place to keep all your lawn and garden equipment. Although originally the shed was more for decoration, nowadays it serves not only as a means of making your yard look nicer, it can also be used to keep things stored. Finding a location for your garden shed is a bit of an art as well. You could place it just beside a garden path as easily as you could anywhere else. Keep in mind that the closer the shed is to your home the greater likelihood that you’ll want it to match the look of that building – colour, style, etc. The farther away the shed is the more unique it can be. The creativity that can be used to create the shed is limitless. If you haven’t already noticed, some spare no expense when it comes to little details. The interior of the garden shed should look nice but also serve the purpose of storage which means it has to be able to handle some weight. Some also use it as a place to get away to so you may want to have a place just to sit and dream.